Je souhaite faire parti du collectif IFS!

Youpi, vous souhaitez vous engager dans notre collectif IFS! Merci de remplir le formulaire ci-dessous pour commencer l’aventure.

Pour découvrir nos différents métiers, rendez-vous ci-dessous.

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Les métiers des collectifs IFS!


They ensure the smooth operation of the platform and allow the collective to cohese

The Creators

They develop solutions to meet a specific need or lift a sticking point

Cooking chief

They turn the solutions into sucullent recipes to allow everyone to replicate them!


They help us quantify the impact of the solutions developed and their relevance


They raise awareness when there is no solution for a given problem.


If there is no solution, he has to find a creator with a proper solution. If a solution exists, he transfer all the informations to the cooking chiefs.


They use the recipes to replicate the solutions at home. They improve it and give comments.


They promote the platform in their community and push people to take a role in this ecosystem


Tu as une question ? Tu as besoin de plus d'informations ? Nous sommes à ta disposition. Contacte nous et nous te répondrons dans les plus brefs délais.

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