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The shelf of the object sharing

Don’t throw it away, let your colleagues enjoy it!

Time to set up

2 hours



Investment cost


The solution

We have all the objects that no longer serve us, but that could be used by others. The idea is to make them available to exchange them.

As a result, you don’t throw anything away, and whoever gets it doesn’t buy a new item! Everyone’s a winner, and so is the planet.

Who is it for?

  • I am a company and I want to promote the circular economy to create links between my employees.
  • I am a school that seeks to educate children about exchange and sharing.
  • I am a Town Hall / an individual who wants to implement this solution in his city.

Full PDF kit

Successful replications: 4


  • A place to drop off objects.
  • A charter for the use of the shelf;
  • Informational posters on waste and its management;
  • Education for children.


Step 1: Finding the Place

Find a place/room/corner of a room where objects can be placed. Put a box, a shelf to collect them. You can create separate spaces based on the types of objects.

If you don’t have any idea what shape it might take or don’t have time to build one, here are some eco-responsible boxes to buy here >

Step 2: Create a user charter

This allows everyone to have the same sharing rules.

>> Sharing charter,available in the full kit.

Step 3: Manage large objects

Set up a list of hard-to-carry items, with the donor’s contact.

>> Bulky items to giveaway, available in the full kit.

    Step 4: Set up a small exhibition about waste management

    It’s time to raise awareness of sorting – recycling – overconsumption in your business.

    >> Encrypted posters – ADEME, available in the downloadable kit.

    >> Infographic – ADEME Essential Figures,available in the downloadable kit.

    >> Consignes_de_tri,available in the downloadable kit

    Step 5: Organize educational workshops

    For schools, the setting up of the box/shelf is an opportunity to organize educational workshops. You can invite a professional/outsider, or do it yourself.

    >> Infographic – ADEME Essential Figures,available in the downloadable kit.

    >> Educational file (3-10 years), available in the download kit.

    Educational games on sorting through here > > ici

      Step 6: Set up a complete sorting

      To go further, you can set up a complete sorting! To do this, you need to get sorting bins to buy or manufacture in 5 minutes yourself!

      >> Manufacturing:

      • Get you classic garbage cans
      • Print recycling signs

      Recycling site: Easy recycling, a complete recycling service (garbage – pick-up service) > > Easy recyclage, un service complet de recyclage (poubelle + service de ramassage)

      >> Recycling signs,available in the download kit.

      Step 7: Contact the garbage collection service

      If their service doesn’t suit you, it’s possible to turn to sorting companies.

      Example of recycling company: Easy recycling, a complete recycling service (garbage – pick-up service) > > Easy recyclage, un service complet de recyclage (poubelle + service de ramassage)

      • Solicit your students, colleagues by creating discussions around the shelf;
      • Go further by talking about waste/sorting and recycling.


      Details of the figures can be found in our “sources” section below

      Get free items

      • Promoting the circular economy;
      • Help those in financial difficulty.

      Reducing 573 kg of waste/habitant/year [1]

      • Reducing consumption;
      • Reducing waste;
      • Promote recycling and reuse.

      Creating bond, mutual aid and solidarity

      • Raising awareness of the issue of waste;
      • Moving away from the vision of the economy of profusion to move towards the circular economy.

      Precautions of employment

      • No

      1. Ecological Advantage – Figure from the ADEME report (2017) on waste:
      2. The Freiburg model (from the GREENCYCLE program):
      3. Article about “bookboxes”:
      4. Article about the sharing box of La Commune in Lyon:

      They did it!

      4 successful replications

      GREENCYCLE – EUSALP (Alpine region)
      Creator of the solution

      See their website >

      The telephone booth (Place Jacques Madaule, Issy-les-Moulineaux, 92)
      Replicar of the solution

      The neighbourhood council has rehabilitated this outdated street furniture into a free and shared library. [3]

      The municipality of Lyon (69)
      Replicar of the solution

      “At La Réserve, the name La Commune gave to its sharing box, for example, is a wired landline phone, an incense diffuser, a tray filled with nail polish, and even a hair coloring box. Not necessarily survival necessities, but everyday objects that show that some people say to themselves, “It could be useful to someone else.” A sentiment shared by many Lyon residents.” [4]

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