The Solutions Factory

The Factory, how does it work?

Find green solutions

1. A snag

You have a snag and you need some help. You’ll submit it to our community.

2. The Solutions Factory

If a suitable solution already exists, we create a recipe to share it and to make it replicate.

If no solution exists, our network of experts take it over and develop the solution !

3. Replicable recipe online on Save The Alps

When the snag will be solved, it will turn into a delicious open SOURCE recipe

Do you already have a solution ? Drop it on our interface and we’ll turn it into a recipe! Everyone will be able to replicate it.

Current snags

Transport, education

Collective school pick-up

Solutions being considered:

  • The collective bike created by “Scool’ Bus”

Recycling, waste

Recycling transport pallets

Solutions being considered:

  • Find them a second function (without recycling it)
  • Find a company or a sorting centre that can recycle them
  • Start a business that recycles them


Be able to know the carbon weight of meals

Solutions being considered:

  • A spreadsheet
  • an app / software for restaurants (and individuals)

Solidarity, education

Build an ecovillage

Solutions being considered:

  • Working in partnership with La Bascule or La Jolie Colo

Your turn !

Use our community to raise a snag and create an eco-friendly solution that will be turned into an online recipe.

Cooking solutions (currently being solved)

Creating resilience in mountain tourism

Solutions being considered:
Adapt winter activities to summer
Create an ecological offering for summer activities

  • Recipe soon online. Resolved to 60% 60%

Being self-sufficient in water

Water, biodiversity, energy Solutions being considered: Having your own wastewater treatment plant Recovering rainwater Filter rainwater
  • Recipe soon online. Solution realised at 30% 30%

Permaculture place


Solutions being considered: Making permaculture accessible to individuals and farmers
  • Recipe soon online. Solution realised at 10% 10%

Lots more to come!

Do you have a solution? Put it on our website and we’ll turn it into a replicable recipe!

Solved snag already turned into online recipes

"Change my old wood stove that pollutes too much".

Chosen solution: install pellet heating (less polluting and more economical).

"Make meal delivery more eco-friendly"

Chosen solutions: Be 0 waste Use a low-polluting means of transport

"Optimize collective heating"

Chosen Solutions: making programming changes

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