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Meal delivery 0 waste

For restaurateurs or delivery services

Time to set up

2 weeks




Investment cost


The solution

When we know that home meal delivery increases by about 20% each year [4], it seems essential to minimize their environmental impact.

Delivering in glass jars is the solution found by Bo Pot Loco that avoids single-use packaging often used for meal delivery.

Who is it for?

  • I am a restaurateur and I do not deliver my meals but I have been thinking about it for a long time. I was stuck because I didn’t want to use packaging. I can now pass the course with this recipe.
  • I am self-sufficient on my meal deliveries and I want to move to 0 waste.
  • I am registered on a traditional delivery platform and want to get out of it to move to a more eco-responsible solution.

Full PDF kit

Successful replications: 2


  • A place to prepare meals;
  • Glass jars;
  • Washable cutlery;
  • A means of transport;
  • A team of smiling delivery men.
  • Steps to implement this solution
  • Information about the electric car;
  • A delivery app;
  • The regulation of the transport of goods.


Step 1: Provide glass jars to put your meals in

For this, nothing could be simpler, just ask your friends and family, your current customers, etc. So you’ll have lots of different sizes!

You can also get washable cutlery! You can also opt for recyclable cutlery, but you might as well do everything you can to comply with the “0 waste” initiative.

Step 2: Have a vehicle that's right for you

There are many eco-responsible solutions:

  • The traditional bike – backpack is the simplest and cheapest;
  • If you have a higher delivery need for large orders or bundled orders, you can opt for a tractor-trailer or specialized for delivery;
  • An electric light vehicle: scooter, bicycle, scooter is also possible;
  • Our creator Bo Pot Loco opted for the electric car [6].

>> Bike buying site specializing in delivery

Step 3: Buying and helping electric cars

There are many financial aids to purchase:

  • Conversion premium: you exchange your old diesel or petrol vehicle for a premium of up to 5000 euros for the purchase of an electric vehicle. More >
  • The ecological bonus: this is a state premium of 27% of the electric vehicle price to purchase. It can go up to 6000 euros. More >
  • Additional regional bonuses: they depend on the region where you live/work. More >
  • The full payment of the crisis card at the expense of your region if it is concerned. More >
  • Exemption from taxes on company vehicles TVS for companies: no more taxes to pay!

The same goes for the purchase of the charging station:

  • The Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE): which corresponds to 30% of the price of the charging station (for the home).
  • The Advenir premium for installation: a 40% premium to the price of recharging in a company.

>> More information about the electric car in note [6].

    Step 4: Set up its delivery service
    • Establish a delivery plan: define an optimal perimeter, the number of meals to be delivered in order to optimize the delivery time and the number of delivery drivers needed.
    • Optimize production: you will have new customers which will generate a surplus of production that you will have to manage.
      Step 5: Find a delivery app

      Here are some examples:

      Step 6: Be in good standing for delivery on foot, by bike or by vehicle
      • In case of delivery on foot or by bicycle, it is not necessary to register in the Register of Transport Companies (even if it is an electric bike);
      • For a light vehicle powered by a HGV, you must register with the National Electronic Register of Road Transport Companies.

      Link to the regulations regarding the transport of goods

      . > >

      Step 7: Load, roll, deliver and enjoy the success of your new tool!
      • Update your file if you have applied for funding;
      • Regular monitoring of your pot stock and customer returns of pots (and cutlery). You can use an Excel spreadsheet;
      • Battery renewal (about every 3 years);
      • Always offer new meals and possible itineraries to increase your attractiveness;
      • Re-adapt its delivery plan to adapt to demand.


      Details of the figures can be found in our “sources” section below

      20 cents saved per meal [1]

      • More spending on fuel
      • More expenses in the purchase of containers: a conventional cardboard or plastic container costs between 15 and 30 euro cents

      13 billion fast food and takeaway packages per year

      • Solution 0 waste
      • Reducing fuel pollution

      Loyalty and awareness

      • Making customers aware of the impact of waste
      • Customer loyalty via the deposit system
      • New customers waiting for an eco-responsible delivery.

      Precautions of employment

      • Beware of the environmental record of the vehicle used. Here’s an article to read that explains how an electric vehicle can become less environmentally friendly than keeping your old thermal car.
      • Be 0 waste to supply raw material.
      1. Economic advantage: on average, disposable packaging for a meal is worth 20 cents.
      2. Ecological benefit:
      3. Article on the electric car:
      ADEME and European Climate Foundation report: The electric vehicle in the ecological transition in France, 2016-2017.
      4. Strong growth for meal delivery, Les Echos,
      5. Create a 5-step delivery service:
      6. Information: electric car: eco-friendly or not?
      An electric vehicle is not necessarily more environmentally friendly today. We invite you to read this article to understand why.
      ARTICLE: What if the electric car was an ecological disaster (Challenge)
      However, if we take the report of the European Climate Foundation (2017), it is clear that the environmental advantages of the electric vehicle exist. But they are linked to the implementation of the energy and ecological transition in the long term.
      RAPPORT_Le electric vehicle in the European Climate Foundation (ADEME) available in the downloadable kit.

      They did it!

      2 successful replications

      BO POT LOCO (Passy, Haute-Savoie)
      Creator of the solution

      Testimony to come

      See his website >

      From Local to Bocal (Lyon, Isère)
      Replicar of the solution

      “Testimony to come”

      See his website >

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