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Co-delivery between producers

Optimizing deliveries

Time to set up

A few hours




Investment cost


The solution was the “producers’ banter.” It is a site for the humming of local products.

It allows those who deliver their product to offer the remaining free space in their vehicle, so that other producers can dispose of it.

Example: I am a cheese maker, I have to deliver my products to a store, but I have room. So I make the most of this place, by finding on La Charrette a producer, who wants to deliver products close to my itinerary.

Who is it for?

  • Do I have too little time to deliver or not enough time to move around? I have my products delivered and pay for my participation in transportation costs.
  • I deliver my products and I still have room in my vehicle? I optimize my go (and why not my return too!) by delivering the products of another producer.
  • Can’t my producer travel to deliver me? I find a hairdresser who picks up my order from my producer and delivers me.

Full PDF kit

Successful replications: 2


  • Punctuality, rigour and trust;
  • An internet connection;
  • A delivery vehicle (if I’m a delivery driver).
  • How the cart works and all the explanations


Step 1: I create an account on

For this, nothing could be simpler, just ask your friends and family, your current customers, etc. So you’ll have lots of different sizes!

You can also get washable cutlery! You can also opt for recyclable cutlery, but you might as well do everything you can to comply with the “0 waste” initiative.

Step 2: I enter my itinerary. The site shows me the proposed routes. I'm responding to an announcement.
Step 3: If I can't find an ad that matches my search, I'll post an ad.

I have to say:

  • The journey
  • The schedule
  • The available space in the delivery vehicle
  • type of production (organic/meat/milk/vegetables etc.):
  • The type of vehicle
  • The presence of a refrigerated/freezing space, etc.;
  • Transport temperature.
Step 4: I find a cutter and I confirm the delivery / I pay
  • attention! The co-delivery will only be confirmed once the shipper of the products has paid for the transportation costs. For security reasons, payment is withheld by La Charrette until the products are confirmed to receive them.

    Step 5: Cancel a delivery?

    I warn my worker as soon as possible so that he can organize himself. My co-worker’s contact information can be seen in My Account, “My Journeys to Come” page on the colivraison in question.

    Step 6: I organize with my worker to get the products back
    Step 7: D-Day
    On D-Day, I pick up my worker’s products, transport them and deliver them. I keep proof of good reception from the recipient (for example, the signed delivery voucher).
    Step 8: Since my account I confirm that the products have been received.<br /> The delivery guy gets paid.
    Step 9: I declare my income in my taxes

    These incomes must be reported according to the tax system on which you depend. They are by nature a reduction in your costs.

    • I can maintain the contacts and connections I created with the first delivery drivers/shippers I met, especially if my delivery journeys are regularly the same.


    Details of the figures can be found in our “sources” section below

    67 euros earned for a Grenoble-Lyon [1]

    • Delivery costs me less;
    • I find it easier to find producers who supply me;
    • I have access to more customers.
    • I have more time to devote to my operation.

    180 kg of CO2 avoided for a Grenoble-Lyon [1]

    • Reducing transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions;

    2 hours and 30 hours less transport on a Grenoble-Lyon [1]

    • I earn time for my social and family life;
    • I meet other producers and traders.

    Precautions of employment

    • To have your products delivered, you will have to pay a share in proportion to the transportation costs;
    • If you are a delivery driver, you must not make a profit.
    • The equipment must be adequate to deliver the products (installation, cold room etc.);
    • In order to avoid any health risk, a non-professional user cannot transport sensitive products (animal products such as meats, fish, dairy products and fresh and frozen products) through La Charrette.
    • You should not apply VAT to transport costs because it is self-help.
    1. Simulation on (home page – Is it worth it?)

    They did it!

    2 successful replications

    La Charette (Everywhere in France), Marie and Laura
    Creator of the solution

    “La Charrette is a company that aims to offer a delivery solution to all those looking to deliver or have local products delivered. We are independent and only drive for our users!

    At the wheel, we are two sisters, Marie and Laura Giacherio, two high-savoyards who have had enough of going out of their way and paying dearly to find local products. In looking at this issue we realized that what hindered access to these products was the lack of delivery logistics for producers who sell online. By leaning even closer, and talking to hundreds of producers, we realized that many delivered themselves, in vehicles often not optimized but on identical routes… This is how we have been dedicated to the Charrette for almost two years, always with a smile and the desire to do better. »

    See their website >

    The Ayze Sheep of David Meyer (Haute-Savoie)
    Replicar of the solution

    Watch the video at the beginning of the page for their testimony

    See his website >

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