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A repair coffee 

Repair to produce and throw less

Time to set up

1 month




Investment cost


The solution

A Repair Café is on a mission:

  • To reintroduce in local society the repair of objects in a modern way;
  • To preserve and pass on know-how;
  • To foster social cohesion by offering the opportunity to meet.

Who is it for?

  • I am an environmental protection association and I want to set up a café hideout in my neighborhood/my city. I already have some legal, financial and communication bases that I can use.
  • I am a citizen and I want to get involved in this citizen and eco-responsible project. I’m not sure where to turn and how to go about it.

Full PDF kit

Successful replications: 3


  • A place: accessible and open to all;
  • Tables and chairs to create workshops (electrical appliances, sewing, toys and wireless objects, bicycles, self-service…);
  • A welcome: registration forms, promotion leaflets for the upcoming Repair Café, tip piggy bank, guest book, craft books…;
  • Repairers;
  • DIY tools;
  • Enough to be visible from the outside.
  • It’s enough to create a budget and organize;
  • A press release and a poster;
  • Signs for the various workshops;
  • Examples of Repair Café.


Step 1: Finding a Place

It is necessary a place close to the dwellings and easy to access (party room, cultural center, the meeting area of a retirement home, the multipurpose room of a college, a third place …).

Talk to the town hall or the owner of the place.

>> Letter introducing the initiative, to download in the kit.

Step 2: Making a budget

It must take into account the cost of renting the place and purchasing THE DIY equipment.

>> Excel: Create your budget,to download from the kit.

Step 3: Finding funding

Present them your budget. Also think about donating materials!

  • Ask the town hall;
  • Find an association motivated by the project;
  • Find local partners (DO-it-yourself stores)
  • Do a crowdfunding.
Step 4: Train the repair team

Ask around and mobilize the locals! Check it out:

  • The coordinators of social reintegration projects,
  • Vocational education institutions,
  • The craftsmen of the surrounding area,
  • Put ads in busy places.
Step 5: Set dates

Set a date when the inhabitants are free (weekend) and a recurrence (every week or month depending on your availability).

    Step 6: Plan the different workshops based on the profile of the repairers present

    The 5 essentials are:

    • Electrical appliances,
    • Sewing and repairing clothes,
    • The bike workshop,
    • Furniture, toys and wireless items,
    • 1 self-service table with glue, adhesives, etc. For simple repairs.

    >> TEMPLATE_Retro schedule, available in the kit.

    Step 7: Get the necessary equipment on the first day
    • Many of the tools can be found, recovered, loaned by individuals or professionals!
    • If you need to buy some of them, focus on recovery and selling from individual to individual.
    Step 8: Getting to know
    • Use your own communication networks, but also consider placing ads in high-traffic locations, in local media, and on the French-language Repair Café forum:

      >> Press release,available in the kit.

    Step 9: Install on D-Day
  • The welcome,
  • The corner for drinks and snacks,
  • Repair shops,
  • The reading corner with guest book,
  • A space where you can sit and wait,
  • The sign, to signal the presence of the Repair café
  • Optional: a nice decoration in the style of Repair Café.

    >> Signs for the various workshops,available in the kit.

    Step 9: The day after
    • Letter of thanks to volunteers and participants,
    • Quick review with photos,
    • Take into account the comments left by the participants.
    • Don’t forget to thank the participating volunteers and organizations, and collect all the comments and suggestions on how this 1st café hideaway will unfold. This will help you make your next session even better!


    Details of the figures can be found in our “sources” section below

    Reducing expenses by repairing

    • Get good ideas to eat less;
    • Make your own products by avoiding buying products that have already been made;
    • Extend the life of its devices.

    50-60% of items repaired [1]

    • Reduce the consumption of objects;
    • Reducing the 573kg of waste/inhabitants/year [2];
    • Promote recycling and reuse.

    Connecting with neighbours

    • Meet the inhabitants of his neighbourhood;
    • Discover local producers and artisans;
    • Spending time with your family
    • Transmit knowledge and know-how.

    Precautions of employment

    • This recipe is a summary of the instructions provided by (available in the full kit);
    • The local initiative must be called Repair Café;
    • You will need to use the Repair Café logo (diponible in the kit) in advertisements;
    • Your motto is: “Jeter? No way! ».
    1. Ecological benefits: review of the coffee repair of Coll’Air Pur, Caen and Vire. Available in the download kit: ILS L’ONT FAIT_Repair Café in Calvados
    2. Figures from the ADEME report (2017) on waste:
      1. Directions – Create a coffee hideout,provided by

    They did it!

    3 successful replications

    The coll’Air Pur NGO (Passy, Haute-Savoie)
    Creator of the solution

    See his Facebook >

    At the right factory (Sappey-en-Chartreuse)
    Replicar of the solution

    Their audio testimonial through a podcast of France Bleu available here

    The café den of Vire and Caen
    Replicar of the solution

    Testimony in the kit

    Add your grain of salt


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